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Through Lilac Eyes

12 September
Genjo Sanzo...

I admired his entire embodiment. His strength, his poise and his beauty. He was a rock in the midst of chaos, a sage, an angel. He was hard, unyielding, stark and barren, his smile could make you cry. He was a sadist, a masochist, wanting to keep going until he dropped dead. He was a man who held noting, a man who lived on borrowed time..and only for the moment. He had complete disregard for the future, only the now was important.

Hey! I am a university student who loves anime and Japanese culture. I don't read Manga, but one day that will probibly change( I'm currently broke). Right now I'm really into Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy,Paradise Kiss, Nana, Trinity Blood,Death Note and Bleach. My favorite fandom is Saiyuki which I am obsessed with. I love Genjo Sanzo's character the most, but everyone in the story is really complex and engaging. I'm a quiet and creative person who enjoys reading and writing poetry and listioning to music, but I also love going out once in a while for a crazy Miami night.