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"Indifferent Eyes"

    He gazed with indifferent eyes, a hard intensity, scrutinizing the fiber of my soul, guessing my secrets.  His blazing eyes were all I knew at that moment: Their wit, their mocking sarcasm. I was caught under his hypnotic spell. he peered at me for that searing moment, then dismissed me at a whim: So cold, so haughty.  I was not up to his standards. 


The Stories

Here are the stories that I loved so much by the Author's I awarded. The first two are angsty, and the second two are comedic.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2454089/1/ Befanini's story Hungry Eyes
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2360400/1/ GhostHelwig's In Sanzo's Eyes
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3137358/1/ Solitaire and Xpyne's Sex for Dummies
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1845783/1/ Sariyuki's story The Alcohol Induced Incident


So I have decided that since I'm more of a reader than a writer, I'm going to give out awards to people whose fiction I really like. I gave my first one out to Befanini for her great stories that I read on FF.net. She writes 353 stories that I love. I also gave one to GhostHelwig, Solitaire and Xpyne and Sariyuki. Keep up the good work, I admire all of you. If I can figure it out I would like to provide a link to the stories I loved so much from FF.net.

Mesmerize Me

A flash of those cold
Lilac eyes
My soul again
Is mesmerized
An expanse of gold
A glimspe of skin
A vortex how you
Pull me in....


The pain his soul can never be dulled
His heart is sealed his soul can’t be lulled
He has already lost
His most precious of things
And ever since then
There have been no friends.
But when his angry eyes meet mine
There’s a feeling there that’s hard to define.
I want to melt the pain that is there
I want to sink into the violet stare
I want to feel him melt against me
I want him to allow his heart to be free.
So set down your gun
And give me your pills
Tonight I will hold you
And no blood shall spill.
And you look up at me
And the pain is so near
I feel you shudder,
But you don’t pull away
I whisper that words that you want me to say…


“Not Knowing How”

Desperate panting in the night
I look over at you
But you turn away
Was it my imagination?
No: My lips are still sore
From your crushing kisses.
I close my eyes
But I wish
That for just one night
A soft touch
A linger
A reassuring look
Watching you breath
I know your laying there
Not knowing how
To love me
But wanting too.



I want to breakdown
And set myself free
I want to scream out loud
And have you take the pain in me
I want to kill you
And never feel this way again
Yet I want to love you
and not have to pretend
You torment my soul
(I don’t know what’s wrong)
I’m breaking now...
But I used to be strong
Feel the fractures as they take me down
My mask is cracking
I’m starting to drown
and I don’t know what started this:
When you’re not near me I feel something a miss….


The Heretic

She touched my face lightly, just brushing my cheek with her finger tips and sighed. "A face like an angel". Her hand left my face and went to my chest " But the heart of a heretic." Another sigh escaped her lips.

I felt my frown deepen and a reflex scowl crept to my mouth. She met my gaze evenly and said: "He loves you, you know" A whisper.

An illusion.

A dream.

I woke up feeling guilty.



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